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Bill & Carolyn Waldrops' BORDERLINE Missionary Ministry

The Rio Grande Missionary Help ministry is very active. Missionaries are being lodged, literature is being distributed. We are already looking forward to the next Rio Grande Missionary Help Missions Jubilations Camp Meeting. We would like to invite you to attend if you can. Please let us know when you know you can come. We will need to make arrangements for your lodging and meals. The next Rio Grande Missionary Help Missions Jubilations Camp Meeting will be October 19-22, 2015 and Apr. 18 - 21, 2016. If you are available to speak in the Conference, send me a e-mail (, an I will try to work you in. Bill & Carolyn Waldrop, Kelle & Tammy Hein

Nuevo Laredo Mexico.

November 2019 - Carolyn and I will attempt to keep you informed about the current events in Nuevo Laredo, the people in the church, and the latest violence about the drug war. If you would like to receive news from the Texas - Mexico border towns, look at this site.

November: No good news is comming to us from the pastors in Nuevo Laredo.  Julio is continuing to have serves most of the Sunday Mornings, but the danger is to great to meet for the night services.  The violence is not reported on the news any more, but it is still very present.  Bro & Sister Frank Gant are continuing with their services, but are not without much danger.

The new church Carolyn and I started, "La Iglesia Bautista Calvario", in San Carols is doing well.  Still no water conection which makes a problem with the growth.  However the group that we have reached are growing spiritually and very much dedicated to the regular worship and Bible studies we are conducting.  They appreciate you praying for them.

Missionary Tammy Hein

August 2019- Most everybody knows that the violence in Nuevo Laredo,Mexico is still alive and well. The national news is not giving the news of Mexico any more, but the violence is still alive and well. Some of the work that were started by Kelle, Tammy, Carolyn, and I are still open and having regular services. The pastors and their people are still in constant danger every day. They or their people do not go out at night and are very careful where they go in the day time.  Your prayers for us and the pastors and their people would certainly be appreciated.

Carolyn and I started another SPANISH SPEAKING CHURCH in a Col. (San Carlos), near where we live.  The building is 99% done and we are meeting in it at this time.  There is a problem with the city of Laredo with the water meter.  We are still working to get them to connect the water.  Thus far, they say no.

Thanks a million,

Bill & Carolyn

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